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I just spent a week doing the Basic Predator course. I had such an amazing time. Ken is a top notch instructor. He is patient, kind, and knowledgeable which are the three things that make a great teacher. From the moment I walked in I felt like family. If you've been looking for a sign to take Ken's class, this is it. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Kristie Whistler


If you are looking for one on one instruction, but a course that can be tailored to suit your needs, than this is a course you don't want to pass up on! From the first email, to the last day of our course we knew what we were to expect and yet the program exceeded our expectations!! We had an amazing week and are so thankful we found this course! Mr. Ken is outstanding instructor that makes you feel right at home. 

Jessica Ratliff

I was hesitant about taking the waterfowl course when i did, but it was one of the best decisions I could have made! Not only is it enjoyable, Mr. Ken is a very patient and great teacher who will make sure you learn everything needed to go home and mount a bird on your own. He continually stays in touch after the course and is always there to help anyway he can. I would highly recommend this course to anyone on the fence about wanting to learn the art of waterfowl taxidermy!

Evan Mosley

This was a very well taught 5 day class on advanced methods of mounting whitetail deer. Thanks for all the time you spent with me teaching me how step up the quality of my work. I had a blast!!!!!

Michael Stevens


I had a blast with Ken Darville at Taxidermy Tech this past week if your just getting started in taxidermy or have been doing it for years and want to step up your taxidermy to another level you need to give him a call hes a professional at it and a very good teacher give him a call and let him help you!!! Thanks again Ken!!!

Josh Glisson

If you are planning on learning the art of Taxidermy I highly recommend Ken Darville, you will not regret the decision! He’s always there when and if you have questions even after you’ve gone home to hone the skills that he has taught you! Will be making more trips to see him in the future! Great guy, great atmosphere!

Cody Masterson


Ken is an awesome instructor and knows his taxidermy. When you leave the training and get home and find yourself doubting your work or asking yourself what needs to be done to this mount to make it look better or look right— Ken is always there to help you…shoot him a text or give him a call he is always very helpful and I myself appreciate that. Brian and I look forward to coming back and taking another course in the near future!

Courtney Black


Ken has a gift for teaching people and making them understand the concepts of being a great taxidermist. If you are considering doing taxidermy please give him a call he will get you on the right path…From a beginner or a seasoned taxidermist Ken can take your abilities to another level. Taxidermy Tech is an awesome class that I highly recommend to anyone that is considering taxidermy.

Michael Lawson


The process that Taxidermy Tech offers makes it very easy to step through each principle and retain every ounce of knowledge gained. I would highly recommend this program for anyone who is interested in learning the art of confidence level in my ability had far exceeded my expectations

David Johnson


I spent (a) week with Ken doing a 5 day Intermediate Whitetail Course. I had a great time. As soon as you walk in the door you feel at home. Being a deer taxidermist already I  just wasn't satisfied with my work. Ken has great knowledge of taxidermy and is an exceptional teacher. Using his system I fixed every problem I had.

Danny Holderman


This past week was amazing, I thought I knew a lot but I was wrong..there was a lot of stuff I wasn’t doing right but you got me in the right direction for sure... well worth it and thanks again!!

Ronnie Usher

This has to be the best 5 day course out there!! Ken Darville has a great method of breaking everything down so it is much easier to grasp. He makes your stay very comfortable and the one on one is the only way to go!! I had a blast while I was there i didn't want to leave! If I lived closer to Pensacola I would be trying to get a job with him and his team!! Great place all around to learn taxidermy. I will be back to learn other area's in taxidermy within the coming year!!

Shane Skinner

I highly recommend Kens training!!

Jim Dilley

I just completed the week long basic whitetail class. In one word it was great. Ken is very detail oriented and definitely knows what he is doing and wants to teach people the techniques and concepts that will make people great taxidermist. I would recommend this class to anyone who is wanting to learn the trade and get a good foundation to work off of.

Chris Wilson

There aren’t enough good things to say about this program. My expectations for the program were well surpassed and exceeded. I began this course with little knowledge of taxidermy, hoping to build a career out of it. Ken is one of the most patient and knowledgeable people I have ever met. His love for taxidermy and teaching is apparent in his skills. He has a gift of breaking down difficult concepts for beginners that always them apply the information as well as retain it. The hours were long in theory, but my time there flew by- I didn’t want to leave at the end of the day or course. The atmosphere is very open and welcoming; by the end of the experience you feel completely at home with a bit of sadness for leaving. The resources he has for you are well thought out and complete. My favorite part of the experience is the bonding and memories I made there. I have no hesitation in reaching out to Ken with any issues or questions after my return home.

Matthew Matoy


I wanted to learn taxidermy and attempted the free online training you can find all over the internet on mounting deer. The only problem with this method is you can't ask questions and you don't know the experience level of the one teaching a lot of times. I finally committed to taking Ken's class and quickly realized it was the best decision by far. Not only does it give you the one on one, but you can ask all the questions that you want. Then, just because you're done with class, doesn't mean he is done with you. He leaves himself open to call, text, or email if you have any questions or problems. Believe me when I say that I have tested this option as I text him questions often and he is always more then willing to answer or help in any way he can. I told him he has the patience of Job. I will definitely be taking my next class with him when I am ready to move on to other critters. Without a doubt, 5 star rating!

Jamie Braxton


This was the best experience I have ever had in a taxidermy class.  Ken truly takes an interest in making sure that you learn everything you can in the time you have.  You feel like you are a friend and even a part of his family.  He is so supportive leading up to the class and even after the class.  He is always available to answer questions and help out.  I cannot thank him enough for taking the time to share his craft. 

Bryan Carden


I came here to take my buisness to the next level. I feel I have more than accomplished that. Ken showed me things and improved my technique, which has boosted my confidence and knowledge. I feel I am definitely ready to take my business to the next level. If you are wanting to learn taxidermy, or in my case need a little help to step up your game, Ken can absolutely help you out!!

Ivan Lemley


I highly suggest anyone looking to pursue taxidermy consider this program. I was beyond impressed by Ken’s expertise and his methods of teaching. I definitely recommend the one-on- one guidance because it’s focused and I felt like I gained a lot of useful knowledge during such a short period. I went into this endeavor with very little knowledge and left with a greater respect and understanding for this work of art. I am looking forward to attending more courses in the near future. 

Wynston Atwood 

The basic whitetail course I took with Ken was by far the best choice I’ve ever made in my Taxidermy career. The one on one training and little tips that you learn are keys to giving your mounts that live look. If your thinking about giving Taxidermy a shot as a career or even as a hobby I would highly recommend giving Ken a call! Not only do you get a 5-6 day course, Ken will always be willing to give advice or help out in anyway possible. Thank you Ken and Taxidermy Tech! 

Chase Martin


"Taking this course was one of the best business decisions I ever made. Ken has a knack for clearly and patiently helping you understand the ins and outs of taxidermy. I'm not a fast learner and having a one-on-one course instead of a packed "classroom" type course allowed me to work at my pace without feeling the pressure to keep up with other students or having to wait on them to catch up. Ken's courses will take you to a whole new level in taxidermy!"

Cameron Mitchell


"If you are serious about Taxidermy then this is the place to learn how to recreate a "Life Like Natural Deer". Ken gives thorough and detailed instruction and will help you develop throughout the training."
Herbert Foskey

"I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning taxidermy. My husband and I took the basic whitetail course, and we were very pleased with what we learned in just one week…”
Lyndsi Layne

"I took my first professional taxidermy courses studying birds and hands down, I could not have picked a better guy. Ken knows his stuff, does beautiful work and is a fantastic instructor... Ken has continued to help answer my questions and offer advice. He has helped me more than he will ever understand or I could explain..."
Katie Sorensen

"It sure helps a lot having such a great instructor…one of the best in the business!! This course is an extremely informative course. You follow a process from start to finish. It's been exciting and sometimes exhausting, but more than worth it. Ken is right there with you no matter if it's midnight when you get to a stopping point. I can't say enough about Taxidermy Tech!!

Thanks so much Ken!"

Randy Hudson

I can say he is one of the best instructors that I personally have known.  I think the reason things worked out well in the course was because Ken did his homework and adapted his teaching style to my best suit my personal ability to learn. [more]

James Kimura

I have never had a instructor, teacher, or professor, who could get through to me, like Ken did. The knowledge and patience this man showed me was unbelievable... The course exceeded my expectations and gave me the necessary skills to do taxidermy the right way.

Campster Mathieu [more]

“Ken's program is flexible to accommodate any unusual needs for any new taxidermist to the seasoned taxidermist."

Mike Watson

"I would recommend it to anybody serious about taxidermy...and have! Told them it's a great program, awesome instructor, all around great learning experiences. "

Corey Galloway

"I can speak from personal experience. Ken's classes are worth every penny and then some. I've been on multiple occasions and have been more than satisfied..." —C.G.

"I've gone to two weekend classes, and loved it both times. Most of the schools I've seen have long classes. Ken can usually work it out so that you don't have to be away from home long. Their website is great, give it a look." —R.C.

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