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Taxidermy Tech has been one of the most beneficial and informative class, I have taken thus far in my life. If only college was like this. I had no previous experience in taxidermy, or the opportunity to even watch a taxidermist in person. After the whitetail class, I now know, videos only show so much.

A short background history about me and the learning challenges Ken faced. After 23 years in the medical field ended and a battle with cancer has came to remission, it was time to move forward in life. My interest in taxidermy was overwhelming, so I contacted Taxidermy Tech. Informed Ken of my limitations and willingness to learn taxidermy, little did he know the challenge that laid ahead of him. 


The hardest thing to over come is being color challenged(color blind), but Ken again surprised me. He remedied this with color recipes. This man knows his taxidermy, from front to back and everything in between. From history to theory on the why and how of everything taught, but in layman terms.

People asked me about my experience, at Taxidermy Tech, well here goes. I got way more than I ever bargained for. If you’re under the impression that you will be in class from 8-5, your wrong. Think you only get 40 hours of training, wrong again. What you get is the real life of a taxidermist training, meaning from 8am-1am, some nights. Why? Because sometimes you get to a point where you can stop, until the next day and sometimes there is a point where you just have to press forward and finish the job. The total hours spent learning and hands on, was well over 70 hours. I can honestly say,”I got my money's worth”.

I have never had a instructor, teacher, or professor, who could get through to me, like Ken did. I accept the fact, that I’m not the ideal student. Ken did an excellent job getting through to me on my level of learning(lil slow or hard headed). The knowledge and patience this man showed me was unbelievable. I think, Ken is doing what he is meant to in life. I know he was tested by just trying to teach me, but he prevailed and made me a believer, in his teaching abilities.

The answer, to the question most people ask, “What about the instructor? What kind of person is he?”. He is a true American, professional, trustworthy, loyal, understanding, knowledgeable and above all, has patience.

My overall experience was no less than awesome. The course exceeded my expectations and gave me the necessary skills to do taxidermy the right way.

Warning: Ken, I will return for more classes.

Bubba Mathieu

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