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Appy for our Internship Program

Our internship program is an opportunity for those who are considering taxidermy as a career to gain valuable work experience that could lead to employment with Taxidermy Tech/Expressions of Wildlife, self employment possibilities or employment referrals. It is a phased certificate  program from an established and widely recognized  Taxidermy School. This is not for the purpose of identifying “free labor”  nor are we looking for candidates that are looking for a job. This is a career training volunteer position that for a few hours per week could lead to full time employment and a rewarding career. We are looking to identify and select the best possible candidates for progressive training and mentorship that could lead to a successful career in the Taxidermy Industry. Our paid training program speaks for itself and our alumni are all valued members of the Taxidermy Tech community. In this program, interns are internal team members working with us daily learning and gaining hands on experience in basic, intermediate and advanced skills that will give them a significant advantage.  


Intern (Phase 1)

3 month probationary

6 Months Complete


Resident (Phase 2)

6 Months Complete



Potential for Full /Part time Employee at the completion of intern or residency program.

Certificate Program

Minimum 12 Hours per week

Interns are volunteer and not paid hourly or on salary but are eligible for periodic cash awards.

Minimum age is 16. High School Seniors and College Students welcome.

If under age 18  must have parental approval.

For more information contact us at 

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